Remodeling can be overwhelming. Our system keeps us organized and able to meet the needs of each client, project and timeline. No matter the size of the project, we will go through all the steps to ensure the same level of care.

Discovery Call

This is a scheduled call to get to know your design needs, how we can best serve you and schedule your in-home Design Consultation.

Design Questionnaire

Once a Design Consultation is scheduled, you will receive a Design and Lifestyle Questionnaire where we get to know you better and make the most of our Design Consultation.

Design Consultation

This is done at your home, where we review the questionnaire, discuss your vision for the space, decide on a general direction of style, identify your specific needs and your investment for the project.

Services Agreement

Our Letter of Agreement lets you know of our design services and packages available for your project.


Appointment to measure and take pictures of the space. We may also need to bring an engineer or a tradesman to confirm a construction change or survey the space.

Design Process Begins

With all information gathered, we go the drawing board and begin to design your interiors room by room. We’ll start creating your color palette in style to meet your needs and investment amount.

Concept Design

When necessary, we present a preliminary design or element to ensure that we are on the right track.

Design Presentation

This meeting is the most enjoyable, as you will see the 3D renderings of the space, touch and feel samples of the materials chosen and see pictures of the furniture and key pieces that pull the whole design together.

Each area of interior design require special attention and has unique requirements and every intricate detail is thought out with you in mind.

A job proposal with all the pricing for carrying out the design will be presented to ensure we are on budget.

Execution of Design

Our full service packages include project management where we get to work on all the custom ordering, arrange deliveries and schedule trades for the project timeline. This is all the behind the scenes work you hire us to do and you will be contacted with updates of the progress. All you have to now is relax and knowing that all it’s being taken care of.


Every project is unique and can take as little as couple of weeks or as long as a year. While we will do all construction and install all the fixed fixtures first, we’ll also take a day or few for the installation of furnishings, rugs, draperies and accessories for reveal day.

Reveal Day

No interior design project is ever complete without the finishing touches of art and accessories. To walk in to a professionally cleaned and accessorized space is the “cherry on top” of our design process. Our job will be complete, you get to see the final design and enjoy for many years to come!